Ministry of Social Services and Social Welfare

Address -: 5th floor, Sethsiripaya, Battaramulla.
Tel - 011-288734951

National Secretariat for persons with Disables

Promote, improve and ensure the rights of persons with disabilities through guidance, support, coordination, implementation and monitoring of development activities
Address -: 1st floor, Sethsiripaya, 2nd Stage, Battaramulla.
Tel - 011-2877374/ 011-2883525/ 011-2186072

Rheumatology and Rehabilitation Hospital, Ragama

Our Services

  • Occupational Therapy
  • Wheel Chair and Special Seating Services
  • Laboratory Service
  • Medical Service
  • Nursing Care
  • Physiotherapy
  • Speech and Language Therapy

Tel - 011-2958294/ 011-2431693

Department of inclusive Education (assessment of Disability) The National Institute of Education (NIE)

The National Institute of Education (NIE), Sri Lanka is the prime institute in the country responsible for providing leadership for the development of general education with quality, equity and relevance in a pluralistic society. The Institute is mandated to:

  • design and develop curricula for general and teacher education
  • provide professional development of educational community
  • spearhead change through research and innovation.

Address -: P.O.Box.21, Highlevel Road, Maharagama.
Tel - 011-7601601

Non Formal and Special Education Branch

Functions of the Branch

  • Providing education for children of school going age and adults
  • Planning entrepreneur and technical education opportunities to school leavers
  • Planning facilities to ‘special-need’ children

Address -: Ministry of Education, Isurupaya, Pelawatta, Battaramulla.
Tel - 011- 2784847

Voluntary Services Overseas (VSO)

col 1Address -: No: 12/1, Tickell Road, Colombo 08.

Tel - 011- 2695974

Humanity & Inclusion – Sri Lanka

Humanity & Inclusion has been working in Sri Lanka since 2004. The predicament of people with disabilities within Sri Lanka has been exacerbated by three decades of armed conflict. Following the Tsunami in 2004, Sri Lanka suffered extensive damage, both physically and socially.


  • Physical Rehabilitation
  • Socio-Economic Empowerment
  • Peace and Governance
  • Inclusive Rural Development
  • Justice and Empowering Women
  • Clubfoot Treatment for Children

Address -: 97/8, Jambugasmulla Mawatha, Nugegoda.
Tel - 011- 5825020

The National Council for the Deaf

We carry out numerous tests to ensure early diagnosis of hearing impairment. Following are the tests done at the National Council for the Deaf

  • Pure Tone Audiometry
  • Tympanometry
  • Play Audiometry - For children
  • Free Field Hearing Assessment - For children below 4 years of age
  • Otoacoustic Emission Test ( OAE ) - For infants
  • Speech Audiometry
  • Aided Audiometry
  • Repair and Maintenance of Hearing Aids

Hearing Aid Programme
Suitable hearing aids are fitted for all the children who are a part of our projects. Following are the types of hearing aids:

  • Digital behind-the-ear hearing aids – Programable & conventional
  • Digital in-the-ear and completely in-the-canal hearing aids – Custom made and programable
  • Body worn type hearing aids
  • Ear moulds – Custom made

Educational Programmes
Hearing Impaired children are able to do everything in the same manner that children of their same age can do. Their only difference is their Hearing Impairment. They can think, feel, eat, play, run, get angry, encounter difficult times, graduate from university, drive, work, get married, have children etc.. To ensure this we carry out the following educational programmes

  • Pre-school, Grade 1 and Grade 2 education for hearing impaired children to enable them to be integrated into mainstream education
  • Sri Chandrasekera School for the Deaf at Horetuduwa which provides education from Grade 1 to Ordinary Level Examination
  • Job Orientation Programme which provides training in job skills for hearing impaired school leavers
  • Workshops and counseling to educate parents of hearing impaired children on the importance of parental support

Address -: 625/98, Sri Jayawardenapura Mawatha, Rajagiriya.
Tel - 011- 2865080

Community Based Rehabilitation (CBR) National Programme

Community rehabilitation. Our programme of Community Based Rehabilitation (CBR) seeks to reach people in some of southern Sri Lanka's most remote areas. Through a network of community based volunteers we provide a holistic service for people with disabilities

Address -: Sri Lanka School of Social Services, No:-191, Dharmapala Mawatha, Colombo 07.

Crippled Children’s Association of Ceylon/ Sevana Lama Nivasa

Giving educational opportunities and other equipments for disabled children

Address -: 389, Pita Kotte, Kotte.
Tel - 011-2852571/011-2852572

Manitha Neyam Trust (MN)

During the past eight years, our Livelihood Project has helped many of the war victims set up a small poultry farm, start a small business, purchase a cow or goats, buy fishing nets, etc. -- all in the effort to help these families improve the quality of their lives.

Address -: No:- 24, Deal Place, Colombo 03.
Tel - 011- 2575566

Sucharithodaya, Home for the Physically and Mentaly Retarded

Vocational training, formal education, residential care, medical facilities and provision of artificial appliances

Address -: 29/5, Pamunuwa Maharagama.
Tel - 011- 2852571 / 011-2850346 / 077-7614209

The Sir James and Lady Peiris Cheshire Home

The Cheshire Homes care for the severely and permanently handicapped, for those whom hospitals can do nothing further. They are run as homes and offer the affection and freedom of ordinary family life, the Residents being encouraged to take whatever part they can in the day-to-day running of the house and to develop their residual talents. Disabled people are admitted according to need, irrespective of race, creed or social status.
In this Home for the Differently Abled, there are both the not so young and the old residents, male and female (most of them above 30)

Address -: No:- 17, Siripala Road, Mount Lavinia.
Tel - 011- 2713426

Pubudu Home for the Disabled. (All Ceylon’s Buddhist Congress)

Pubudu home was established in 1978. The children are able to attend special school in Kotte.Depending on their capabilities, the girls have been trained in administrative or simple catering work.
One of the older girl work in our office as a telephone operator and two are working in our Bakery during their spare time. Several of them have been trained as good seamstresses

Address -: No:- 400, Bauddaloka Mawatha, Colombo 07
Tel - 011- 2691411

Sarwodaya Suwasetha, Vocational Training Centre for the Disabled Girls.

Girls and women are receiving residential care and protection in these homes. Most of them are on wheel chairs.

  • Two centres locate in Moratuwa and Matara
  • Moratuwa centre: age between 16-35 are visiting for the training (computer, sewing )
  • Matara centre: Currently there are 8 women receiving residential care. Activities conducted in this home include going on religious tours, observing sil, New year and Christmas celebrations, meditation programmes, dhamma sermons as well as many health clinics.

Address -: Thalpawila, Kekanadura,Matara
Address -: No:- 55, De Soysa Road, Rawathawatta, Moratuwa.
Tel - 011-2655577

St. Joseph’s school for the deaf

A Special needs school located in Ragama.

  • Mixed school
  • Age between 3 to 18 children can obtain the special education. (class are conducted for the O/L and A/L students )
  • Lip reading and sign language

Address -: Behind the St. Paul Church, Ragama
Tel - 011-4016265

Department of Social Services- Vocational Training Centres for the Disabled

Address - Officer in Charge, Seeduwa Vocational Training Institute, Liyanagemulla, Seeduwa
Tel - 011-2 253 503

Address - Superintendent, Wattegama Vocational Training Institute, Wawinna, Wattegama
Tel - 081-2 476 209

Address- Officer in Charge, Ketawala Vocational Training Institute, Ketawala, Lewla, Kandy
Tel - 081-2 219 153

Address- Officer in Charge, Madampe Vocational Training Institute, Devala Road, Pothuwila, Madampe.
Tel - 032-2 248 588

Jayaviru Samadhi Rehabilitation Institute
Address-fficer in Charge, Jayaviru Samadhi Institute, North Ambalamwatta, Puwakpitiya
Tel - 036 -3 362 126

Navinna (C.G.C)
Address- Superintendent, Child Guidance Centre, No. 11, Wela Road, Maharagama
Tel - 011-2 746 801

Address -Superintendent, Thelambuyaya Vocational Training Institute, Thelambuyaya, Angunakolapelassa
Tel  - 047- 3 489 296

Address-Officer in Charge, Amunukumbura Vocational Training Institute, Amunukumbura, Wathurugama
Tel - 033-2 279 321

Address- Officer in Charge, Ragama Vocational Training Centre, Rehabilitation Hospital, Ragama
Tel - 011-3 355 491, 0 11-2 958 212

Address- Officer in Charge, Kalawana Vocational Training Institute, Lower Kukulegama, Kalawana
Tel - 045-2 255 017

Jayaviru sevena caring Home
Address-fficer in Charge, Jayaviru Samadhi Institute, North Ambalamwatta, Puwakpitiya
Tel - 036- 3 361 999

Islamic Centre for the Disabled, Vocational Training Centre and School for the Deaf and Blind
Address- Doolmale, Thihariya.
Tel - 033- 2287840

Suhada Home for the Disabled

Residential home for the disabled children

Address- No. 535, Madiwela Kotte.
Tel - 011-2779097/ 011-2779544/ 077-3179356

Swedish Organization of Disabled Persons International AID Association (SHIA)

There had been in existence from 1989 a "National Council for Coordinating the Work of Disability Organizations" appointed by the Minister of Social Services. With stimulation being provided by the Sri Lanka Office of the Swedish Handicapped Organization International Aid Foundation (SHIA), discussions started within this Coordinating Council about the necessity for legal provision to safeguard the Rights of People who have Disabilities.

Address- 17, Cross Road, Mt Lavinia
Tel - 011- 2717258

Rehabilitation Center for the Communication Impaired

  • Providing facilities for special needs children
  • Individual therapy sessions
  • Speech therapy sessions
  • Helping for law social economic families
  • Providing Mental health clinic at Kalubowilla hospital
  • Giving training for medical students at Sri Jayawardanapura hospital

Address- 25/7, 5th Lane, D. M. Colombage Mawatha, Nawala, Sri Lanka
Tel -011- 2819310

Sri Lanka Drushyabaditha Upadidaree Mandalaya

Giving Education and donates facilities For graduate students

Address- 694/1D, Galle Road, Iidama, Moratuwa.
Tel - 011-2653580/ 077-3763558

Sri Lanka Federation of the Visually Handicapped

Address - No.- 74, Church St, Colombo 02

Tel - 011-2305256/ 011-2437768

Asian Blind Union

Address - 20/31, Fairfield Garden, Colombo 08

Tel - 011-2689078

Blind Citizen Front

Giving Education for blind children

Address – No. 11, Housing for the blind, Katubadda, Moratuwa.
Tel - 011- 2725275

Association for the hearing Impaired Children

Giving education for pre-school children those who have hearing problems recommended by a specialize doctor

Address - 31/16, Lumbini Mw, Dalugama, Kelaniya
Tel - 011-2910623

Sri Lanka Central Federation of the Deaf (CFD)

Developing the social welfare of deaf people in the society.

Address - 480, Negombo Road Dandugama Ja-Ela
Tel - 011 -2244687

The Ceylon School for the Deaf and Blind

Giving Education for Blind and Deaf people up to G.C.E. O/L

Address – 521, Galle Road, Ratmalana
Tel - 011 -2 611338/ 011-262 5204

Sri lanka Foundation for the Rehabilitation of the Disabled

Providing tools and materials for disabled people

Address – No. 5/A, Keththarama Temple road, Maligawaththa, Colombo 10
Tel - 011-2689287

Victoriya Home for the Incurables.

Giving residential facilities for mentaly and physically disabled people.

Address – No- 10, Sri Jayewarnapure MW, Rajagiriya
Tel - 011-2862570/ 1

Mayura Sri Sarana Home for the physically Handicapped and mentally Retared. (Mayura Special School)

Address – Agalawatta road, Waththawa, Mathugama

Tel - 034-2248281/ 034-3748055 / 034-2243301

Sukitha Vocational Training Centre for the Disabled children

The centre is giving residential facilities and vocational training for the disabled boys.
Address – Sukitha Vocational Training Centre, Padukka road, Horana.
Tel - 034-2261037/ 034-5625777

The centre is giving residential facilities and vocational training for the disabled girls. Address – Sukitha suba sadhaka sangamaya, Piya niwasa, Galpatha, Kaluthara.
Tel - 034-2251490

Dr. Reijntjes School for the Deaf

Vocational training programmes: computer, Sewing and Batik, Hair Style and Hair Cutting, Cookery and Bakery, Agriculture

Address - Dr. Reijntjes School for the Deaf, 14/2, Andris de Silva Mawatha, Rawatawatta, Moratuwa
Tel - 011-2655786

Southern Provincial Department of Social Welfare, Probation & Childcare Services

Special Children’s School for Disabled

Neth Sewana Sarana School for Deaf and Blind
Address – Panchaliya, Dikkumbura, Ahangama.
Tel - 047-2275000

Anda School (Sitina Special school for the Deaf)
Address- Thangalle, Polonmaruwa
Tel - 047- 2 240 310

Rohana School for the Deaf and blind
A place of education and living for children who are deaf, blind and mentally retarded children or have learning challenges
Address- Rohana Special School, Welegoda, Matara.
Tel - 041 - 222 1498

Sri Sudarshi Deaf and Blind School
Address- Udakubalwela, Ella.
Tel - 057-2228565/ 0716590117 (Mr. Wanasigha)

Home for the Deaf and Blind

Sambodhi Disable’s Home
Sambodhi is home to 47 residents, with disabilities ranging from mild mental or physical disabilities to more profound disabilities.
Address – No.288, Matara Rd, Magalle Galle.
Tel - 091- 2226423

D. D. Gunasekara mentally retarded Children’s Home
Address – Diyalape, Akurassa.

Bonawista mentally retarded Home
Address – Roomassala, Unawatuna
Tel - 091- 2 223 753

Mentally retarded Girl’s Home
Address – Buweliara, Angunakolapelessa

Chethana Hand Cap Home
Address – Balapitiya

Sawiya athwela II mentally retarded Women’s Home
Address – Nalawana, Kananke

Mentally retarded Children’s Home
Address – Kiribathawila, Agaliya
Tel :- 091-2 239 222

Shakthi Punaruththapana Padanama
Address – Owitigamuwa,Kirinda, puhulwella
Tel :- 041- 4 903 53

Mentally retarded Boy’s Home
Address – Buweliara, Angunakolapelessa

Address –Guruniwasa para, Balapitiya

Vocational Training Institute for Disabled

Address- Mahagoda waththa, bawala, Weligama
Tel - 091-3 926 35

Southern Provincial Deaf Organization
Address- Polonwatta, Wellawatta, Hikkaduwa
Tell- 0 912 275 541

Saviya Atwela
Address- Kamburugamuwa, Matara
Tel - 091-2 245 781 / 0 91-4 919 641

Ruhunu Sumaga Circle of the Deaf

Address- No 143, Galle Road, Walgama,  Matara

Tel - 071 - 989 7501

Blue Rose Dissanayake Special School

Address- 18/A/4, Deveni Rajasinha Mawatha, Kandy

Tel -: 081- 2 387188

Sarana home for the visually Handicapped Aged

A Home for the blind-elderly

Address- Dehigahalanda, Godawaya, Ambalantota
011-2305256/ 011-2437768


Returning people with disability to a new life

Address- 320, Mahawela Rd, Tangalle.
Tel -: 047- 2242718

Centre for sight

MJF Charitable Foundation, P.O.Box- 1630, Kandy

Tel -: 081-2222261

Senkadagala School for the Deaf and Blind

Address- Kudaratwatte, Dodanwala, Kandy.

Tel -: 081-2216119

Koswana Sahana School for the Deaf

Address- Sri Punnuyawardhan Society, Buddist Center, Bandaranaike Mw, Matale

Tel -: 066-2053364

Mahinda Special Education Model School

Address- Anpitiya, Kandy

Tel -: 081-5726725 

Sandagala Deaf and Blind school

Address- The Sandagala Deaf and Blind School, Uhumeeya, Kurunegala.


National Youth Crops Training Centre

Address- Degammada, Wewagama, Kuliyapitiya

Tel -: 037-3879228

Sambodhi Disable’s Home

Address- North West Sambodhi niwasa, Sambodhi Mawatha, Lunuwila, Wennappuwa

Tel -: 0 31- 2 256626

Siviraja Deaf and Blind School

Address- Siviraja Deaf and Blind Child Developing Centre, Mahawewa

Tel -: 0322 254 747

Yasodara Deaf and Blind School

Address- Yashodara Special School, Miriswatta, Balangoda.

Tel -: 045 - 2286469

Anuradhapura Deaf and Blind School

  • Giving Education for deaf and blind children
  • Residential facilities for deaf and blind children
  • Vocational Training Centre for disabled children

Address- Bandaranayake MW, Anuradhapura
Tel -: 025 – 2220178

Associaton of Women with Disabled (AKASA)

Address- AKASA, Pahalagama road, Kongollewa Road, Thalawa.

Tel -: 025-22-57386

Vocational Training Institute for Disabled

Address- Vocational training institute for disabled, Perera MW, Bandarawela.

Tel -: 057-2223565

Deaf and blind school

Address- Deaf and blind school, Kubukkana, Monaragala

Tel -: 055-2277044

Darisanam School for the Blind and Deaf

Address- 42/32, Swami Nadaraja Road, Nochchimunai, Batticalow

Tel -: 065- 2223489/ President (077-3342183)

East Ceylon Islamic Physically Handicapped Welfare Centre

The Centre provides formal education, vocational training, rehabilitation, food,accommodation and medical care free of charge to the hearing and visually
impaired and those who are physically and mentally handicapped from primary to secondary level. The facilities consist of full time classrooms, hostels for students, visitor quarters, grounds for the children where sports activities are routinely held and the necessary facilities and equipment for vocational training. The buildings situated on a four acre piece of land are well planned and maintained

Address- Deens Road, Kattankudy- 06
Tel -: 065-2245089

Mission : Fulfilling the mental health information needs of public through increased access to accurate information effectively and efficient delivered with established ethics.
Vision : The realization of optimum mental health of Sri Lankan community.

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