China Philippine Investment And Economic Exchange Chamber of Commerce

Hunan Zhouwei International Trade Co., Ltd. is registered in Gaoqiao, Changsha, Hunan, China, and specifically undertakes the platform company operated by the domestic CPEC Chamber of Commerce; Philippines CPEC International Trade Co., Ltd. is registered in Manila, Philippines, and specifically undertakes the operation platform company of the Philippine CPEC Chamber of Commerce;

CPEC Zhouwei International has obtained the “Philippine Business (China) Commercial Representative Office” exclusively authorized by Hunan Gaoqiao Market, the third largest comprehensive market in China, and served as the chief representative.

On July 13, 2021, with the official approval of the Hunan Provincial Department of Commerce, CPEC Zhouwei International and Gaoqiao Market Co., Ltd. jointly established the “Hunan-Philippines Overseas Exhibition and Sales Center”

Promote in-depth cooperation between the Philippine and Hunan Gaoqiao Market

In June 2020, CPEC Chamber of Commerce promoted the cooperation between Philippine CPEC Zhouwei International and Hunan Gaoqiao Market. Hunan Zhouwei International was officially authorized as “Hunan Gaoqiao Market Co., Ltd. Philippines Business (China) Commercial Representative Office”, and Chief Representative.

The two parties will jointly build a supermarket chain brand “GOOMART Gaochengmeihui” in the Philippines, which will bring together high-quality Hunan products and export them to the Philippines, and actively promote the “going overseas” of Hunan products.

Promote comprehensive connection with the “Multi- functional Economic and Trade Platform of SCO Countries”

CPEC Chamber of Commerce visited Chongqing “SCO National Multifunctional Economic and Trade Platform” and “Chongqing Brand Building Promotion Association”, and had a discussion and exchange with Secretary-General Wen Ji xu and Executive Deputy Secretary-General Liu Jie.

The two sides have in-depth exchanges on the social, cultural and economic resources of Central Asian countries and Southeast Asian countries, and hope to build national regional economic cooperation by relying on the “SCO multi-functional economic and trade platform to carry out financial investment, universities, metallurgy and high-end materials.” Overseas business cooperation.

CPEC Chamber of Commerce is officially authorized to represent the “Shanghai Cooperation Organization Multifunctional Economic and Trade Platform”.

Overall concept and layout of China (Hunan) Industrial Park in Tanzan PEZA Economic Zone, Philippine, Manila

One of the largest integrated developers in the Philippines – American and Canadian real estate resistance masterpiece Dominating the “Heart of Manufacturing” in the Philippines – Cavite Airports, wharves, and highways extend in all directions —superior transportation location Won the Industrial Gold Award, Large-scale Industrial Park – TANZA Tanzan Industrial Park PEZA Economic Zone of Optimal Industrial Policy – “Shenzhen Special Economic Zone” in the Philippines Leading multinational high-quality enterprises to settle in – one-stop solution to worries.

Philippines – Manila Tanzan PEZA Economic Zone China (Hunan) Industrial Park will become the first “China (Hunan) Enterprise” in the Philippines, integrating five major sectors, including manufacturing, scientific research, warehousing and logistics, wholesale trade, and education parks. An integrated overseas industrial park.

Cooperate with the Philippines and Gaoqiao Market to build the Philippines-Hunan two-way product exhibition and sales center.